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Everything you must know about betting on esports
Esports arwpantan / August 27, 2021

Everybody knows about esports but very few know about how to bet on esports. It is quite obvious that many players play esports gaming like a punter but not as a professional gamer. In this article, we will discuss esports and try to learn the concept of betting on esports.

Where can be bet on esports in India?

esports in India

Esports betting in India is a bit progressive but controlled by the government than any other country. There are many legalities in doing online betting in India. However, India welcomes a wider online sportsbook industry but does not allow open betting on those apps.

If you are new and never placed a bet online, then you must know that for betting you have installed or go to official sportsbook websites like Ladbrokes who render online betting facilities on their website as well as on their apps.

Online sportsbook


To keep up with the demand for online betting many traditional or latest Sports Group have chosen to incorporate esports into their betting platforms. They have offered many popular esports and leagues onto their platform. Some of the biggest betting platforms that offer esports are bet365 and Betway.

Nevertheless, if you are new to betting then using this type of platform will give you a good idea about online betting. This platform will offer you several popular leagues, and esports. This is because they are licensed and trusted by thousands of players, which makes it easier for you to choose as a beginner.

For starting as an online betting customer, you have to make sure that the platform you are using is safe and secure before placing your money into the account. 

Dedicated websites for esports

As we go through the world’s best-betting sites we find that some sites are only dedicated to esports betting. They specifically focused on one single sport. It is advised that as a beginner these sites should be avoided as they offer you limited odds and capability at this stage. As they provide a single type of sports there is a question of legality, and such dedicated sports sites do not hold a proper license.

Players and teams on east sports betting

Everybody loves sports. However, if you want to invest in esports betting then you must know the best players or teams for a particular game you are interested in betting on. A proper study of players and teams is needed before investing your hard-earned money in them. Though this type of study is quite easy, thanks to the website bet, you can easily explore the records of accomplishment of your players and teams to choose wisely while betting on it. 

Additionally, this website also tells the number of our players spent on them, so that you can get a good idea about how much practice they have done before going to any event. When choosing a team for betting keep an eye on how they perform in a particular event.

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